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Share your kindness project story using the hashtag #TheKindnessProject to inspire others who are looking for ideas so that they can also make a difference. Or email us at We love to hear your stories and feel inspired by your imagination.

If you or someone you know is applying for scholarships, to college or to a trade school, consider adding the details of your kindness project to the application.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes a kindness project successful? Your intention and desire to use kindness to help others.
Does The Kindness Project cost anything? That’s up to you. You may need to acquire financial resources (from yourself or donated by others) to help those in need. Or you may just need to show up with a giving heart and gentle hands. There’s a budget template and questions to create a plan that works for you.

Is there a list of people who need help? The world is filled with people and animals in need of help. Take a deep breath. Open your heart and see who enters your view. Maybe it’s a neighbor or a community in need you learn about on the evening news. Maybe it’s someone you know – and maybe it’s someone you haven’t yet met.     

For parents, perhaps you are looking for a summer vacation / holiday project for your kids. This version of The Kindness Project Club is enacted on honor, with no judgment. You’re welcome to share your story and add the hashtag #TheKindnessProject so others can search your posts for ideas. If you or your family does nothing more than think about how you can use kindness as the fuel to help others, your project is a success!

OUR MISSION: Encouraging others to use the currency of kindness to create healing, hope and joy.
OUR VISION: Within three years, the mission of The Kindness Project will spread far and wide, impacting our world, community-by-community, using the fuel of kindness to spread hope and joy.

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